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About Dr. Karjoo


Kelly Karjoo, PsyD, CMNCS has worked with many different people experiencing many different issues.  She enjoys helping you empower yourself to make the changes you need to live a happier, more fulfilling life. Whether these are big or small life changes, they are all important.  Sometimes, all you need to improve how you are feeling is to have an objective person listen to your thoughts and feelings.  We all have a difficult time finding someone who will just listen and give us some productive feedback.  It can be very liberating to just get it out!  However, other times, it may be a more in depth process to reach your goals. 


Dr. Karjoo has a specialty in trauma and Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOAs).  Past events can have a very lasting effect on our lives, even if it was a quick traumatic event. An ACOA often experiences ongoing trauma over the course of your childhood making these experiences appear to be experiences everyone endures.  Often, this all changes once you spend a lot of time at friend or family member’s house and see that your household handles things very differently.  Unfortunately, the impact of these childhood experiences does not stop once you leave home. You then have to learn new ways to interact with others and the world. Talking about these events can help reveal why you may do the things you do or feel the way you feel.  Dr. Karjoo offers an open, warm, and safe opportunity to explore the issues you would like to discuss.


Education:  Dr. Karjoo is a licensed clinical psychologist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from American School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University Orange County, a Masters in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and a Bachelor’s from the University of California, Irvine in Psychology and Social Behavior. As well as being a psychologist, Dr. Karjoo is a Certified Mental Health & Nutrition Clinical Specialist (CMNCS). 


Training/Work Experience:   Dr. Karjoo has experience working in the field of psychology in inpatient and outpatient settings since 2002.  She has provided individual, couples and group therapy, as well as administered psychological testing.  Some of her work experience includes:  group home social worker for foster and probation children & adolescents;  group therapy and psychological testing at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, therapy and testing at county counseling centers; therapy and testing at San Diego State University Counseling and Psychological Services; group therapy, testing and therapy at Atascadero State Hospital (working with adult males with a criminal background & mental health issues); mental health state evaluations in Skilled Nursing Facilities; Peer Advisor at a behavioral health insurance company reviewing inpatient and outpatient substance abuse and mental health cases for insurance authorization.

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