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Wouldn't you like to leave your not so great childhood behind you for good?!  This group will hopefully do just that by giving you the support and tools you need to move on past the negative experiences.  


You had very little control over your childhood, but you can take complete control in your adulthood. 



  • Meets once a week (contact for specific days and times)

  • $75 per session (may be partially or fully coverd by insurance)

  • Call for more information regarding specific days and times - 949-350-5747
















This therapy group, led by a licensed clinical psychologist, is for adults who experienced trauma, abuse, dysfunction, or conflicts during childhood. We will explore how difficult childhood experiences carryover into adulthood and how to turn these negative experiences into positive coping skills in adulthood, as well as learn skills you may not have been provided during a chaotic childhood.


Processing and sharing your experiences with others who have had similar experiences can be very reparative and supportive.   It can be helpful to hear other's stories as well as receive feedback from others walking a similar path.  This can often give you a different perspective than one-on-one therapy can provide.  Often times, paring one-on-one therpay and group therapy can create a higher success in seeking happiness.

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